Atari Environments

Basketball Pong


Combat: Plane

Combat: Tank

Double Dunk

Entombed: Competitive

Entombed: Cooperative

Flag Capture


Ice Hockey


Mario Bros

Maze Craze




Space Invaders

Space War



Video Checkers

Volleyball Pong


Wizard of Wor


The Atari environments are based off the Arcade Learning Environment. This environment was instrumental in the development of modern reinforcement learning, and so we hope that our multi-agent version of it will be useful in the development of multi-agent reinforcement learning.

Games Overview

Most games have two players, with the exception of Warlords and a couple of Pong variations which have four players.

Environment Details

The ALE has been studied extensively and a few notable problems have been identified:


We encourage the use of the supersuit library for preprocessing. The unique dependencies for this set of environments can be installed via:

pip install supersuit

Here is some example usage for the Atari preprocessing:

import supersuit
from pettingzoo.atari import space_invaders_v1

env = space_invaders_v1.env()

# as per openai baseline's MaxAndSKip wrapper, maxes over the last 2 frames
# to deal with frame flickering
env = supersuit.max_observation_v0(env, 2)

# repeat_action_probability is set to 0.25 to introduce non-determinism to the system
env = supersuit.sticky_actions_v0(env, repeat_action_probability=0.25)

# skip frames for faster processing and less control
# to be compatable with gym, use frame_skip(env, (2,5))
env = supersuit.frame_skip_v0(env, 4)

# downscale observation for faster processing
env = supersuit.resize_v0(env, 84, 84)

# allow agent to see everything on the screen despite Atari's flickering screen problem
env = supersuit.frame_stack_v1(env, 4)

Common Parameters

All the Atari environments have the following environment parameters:

<atari_game>.env(obs_type='rgb_image', full_action_space=True, max_cycles=100000, auto_rom_install_path=None)

obs_type: There are three possible values for this parameter:

full_action_space: the effective action space of the Atari games is often smaller than the full space of 18 moves. Setting this to False shrinks the available action space to that smaller space.

max_cycles: the number of frames (the number of steps that each agent can take) until game terminates.

auto_rom_install_path: The path to your AutoROM installation, installed with the PettingZoo-Team/AutoROM tool. This is the path you specified when installing AutoROM. For example, if you’re using the boxing Atari environment, then the library will look for the rom at /auto_rom_install_path/ROM/boxing/boxing.bin. If this is not specified (has value None), then the library looks for roms installed at the default AutoROM path.


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