Double Dunk

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This environment is part of the atari environments. Please read that page first for general information.

Name Value
Actions Discrete
Agents 2
Parallel API Yes
Manual Control No
Action Shape (1,)
Action Values [0,17]
Observation Shape (210, 160, 3)
Observation Values (0,255)
Import from pettingzoo.atari import double_dunk_v2
Agents agents= ['first_0', 'second_0']

Agent Environment Cycle

environment aec diagram

Double Dunk

An adversarial game that combines control and precise selection.

The game has two stages: selection and play. Selection can be difficult because you have to hold the same action for a few steps and then take the 0 action. Strategy choice is timed: if a player does not select any action after 2 seconds (120 frames) then the player is rewarded -1, and the timer resets. This prevents one player from indefinitely stalling the game.

Once play begins, each team has two players. You only control one at a time, and and which one you control depends on the selected play. Scoring should be familar to basketball fans (2-3 points per successful shot).

Official double dunk manual

Environment parameters

Environment parameters are common to all Atari environments and are described in the base Atari documentation .