Cooperative Pong

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This environment is part of the butterfly environments. Please read that page first for general information.

Name Value
Actions Discrete
Agents 2
Parallel API Yes
Manual Control Yes
Action Shape Discrete(3)
Action Values [0, 1]
Observation Shape (280, 480, 3)
Observation Values [0, 255]
Import from pettingzoo.butterfly import cooperative_pong_v3
Agents agents= ['paddle_0', 'paddle_1']
State Shape (560, 960, 3)
State Values (0, 255)
Average Total Reward -92.9

Agent Environment Cycle

environment aec diagram

Cooperative Pong

Cooperative pong is a game of simple pong, where the objective is to keep the ball in play for the longest time. The game is over when the ball goes out of bounds from either the left or right edge of the screen. There are two agents (paddles), one that moves along the left edge and the other that moves along the right edge of the screen. All collisions of the ball are elastic. The ball always starts moving in a random direction from the center of the screen with each reset. To make learning a little more challenging, the right paddle is tiered cake-shaped by default. Obser2ation space of each agent is its own half of the screen. There are two possible actions for the agents (move up/down). If the ball stays within bounds, both agents receive a combined reward of 100 / max_cycles (default 0.11), if they successfully complete a frame. Otherwise, each agent receive a reward of -100 and the game ends.

Manual Control

Move the left paddle using the ‘W’ and ‘S’ keys. Move the right paddle using ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ arrow keys.


cooperative_pong_v3.env(ball_speed=9, left_paddle_speed=12,
right_paddle_speed=12, cake_paddle=True, max_cycles=900, bounce_randomness=False)

ball_speed: Speed of ball (in pixels)

left_paddle_speed: Speed of left paddle (in pixels)

right_paddle_speed: Speed of right paddle (in pixels)

cake_paddle: If True, the right paddle cakes the shape of a 4 tiered wedding cake

max_cycles: Done is set to True for all agents after this number of frames (steps through all agents) elapses.

bounce_randomness: If True, each collision of the ball with the paddles adds a small random angle to the direction of the ball, with the speed of the ball remaining unchanged.

Version History

  • v3: Change observation space to include entire screen (1.10.0)
  • v2: Misc fixes (1.4.0)
  • v1: Fixed bug in how dones were computed (1.3.1)
  • v0: Initial versions release (1.0.0)