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This environment is part of the classic environments. Please read that page first for general information.

Import from pettingzoo.classic import checkers_v3
Actions Discrete
Parallel API Yes
Manual Control No
Agents agents= ['player_0', 'player_1']
Agents 2
Action Shape Discrete(884)
Action Values Discrete(884)
Observation Shape Box(8, 8, 4)
Observation Values [0, 1]

Agent Environment Cycle

environment aec diagram


Checkers (also called Draughts) is a 2-player turn based game. Our implementation is based on the OpenAI gym checkers implementation, with changes to the observation and action spaces.

Observation Space

The observation is a dictionary which contains an 'obs' element which is the usual RL observation described below, and an 'action_mask' which holds the legal moves, described in the Legal Actions Mask section.

The main observation space is 8x8x4 where the first two dimensions represent the row and column on the game board, and the 4 planes in the third dimension represents the type of piece at that location on the board.

The board is rotated and the planes are shifted to accommodate the current player. During the black player’s turn, the top row provided by the render function is stored in row 0 of the observation. During the white player’s turn, the top row is stored in row 7 of the observation. Additionally, the first two planes of the observation represent the men and kings of the current agent stored in agent_selection (The agent that must act next). The last two planes represent the other player’s pieces.

Plane Observation
0 Current Player’s Men
1 Current Player’s Kings
2 Other Player’s Men
3 Other Player’s Kings

Note that there are only 32 occupiable spaces (the dark colored spaced on a real game board) in the game of checkers. On even numbered rows (starting with 0) the second square is the first occupiable position. On odd numbered rows, the first square is occupiable.

The legal moves available to the current agent are found in the action_mask element of the dictionary observation. The action_mask is a binary vector where each index of the vector represents whether the action is legal or not. The action_mask will be all zeros for any agent except the one whose turn it is. Taking an illegal move ends the game with a reward of -1 for the illegally moving agent and a reward of 0 for all other agents.

Action Space

The action space is a discrete space of size 256 (8 * 8 * 4) discrete values, where each value describes the starting location and direction of a move. The formula action % 64 returns the action’s starting square. The action space can be split into 4 sections of 64 elements as described below:

Action Starting Square Direction
0…63 0…63 Northwest
64…127 0…63 Northeast
128…191 0…63 Southwest
192…255 0…63 Southeast

When an action is chosen, the environment automatically decides whether the provided action is a simple move or a jump. Given an action with a starting location and direction, if the square immediately adjacent to the starting location in that direction is unoccupied, then the move is a simple move to that square. If the square is occupied by an enemy man, and the next square in that direction is unoccupied, then the move is a jump. In any other situation, the move is illegal. Note that each player is required to make jumps when available. This is reflected in infos[agent]['legal moves'] by only listing jump moves if at least one is available.


Winner Loser
+1 -1

In the event of a tie, both players receive a reward of 0.

Version History

  • v3: Fixed bug in arbitrary calls to observe() (1.8.0)
  • v2: Legal action mask in observation replaced illegal move list in infos (1.5.0)
  • v1: Bumped version of all environments due to adoption of new agent iteration scheme where all agents are iterated over after they are done (1.4.0)
  • v0: Initial versions release (1.0.0)