Gin Rummy

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This environment is part of the classic environments. Please read that page first for general information.

Import from pettingzoo.classic import gin_rummy_v4
Actions Discrete
Parallel API Yes
Manual Control No
Agents agents= ['player_0', 'player_1']
Agents 2
Action Shape Discrete(110)
Action Values Discrete(110)
Observation Shape (5, 52)
Observation Values [0,1]

Agent Environment Cycle

environment aec diagram

Gin Rummy

Gin Rummy is a 2-player card game with a 52 card deck. The objective is to combine 3 or more cards of the same rank or in a sequence of the same suit.

Our implementation wraps RLCard and you can refer to its documentation for additional details. Please cite their work if you use this game in research.


Gin Rummy takes two optional arguments that define the reward received by a player who knocks or goes gin. The default values for the knock reward and gin reward are 0.5 and 1.0, respectively.

gin_rummy_v4.env(knock_reward = 0.5, gin_reward = 1.0, opponents_hand_visible = False)

knock_reward: reward received by a player who knocks

gin_reward: reward received by a player who goes gin

opponents_hand_visible: Set to True to observe the entire observation space as described in Observation Space below. Setting it to False will remove any observation of the unknown cards and the observation space will only include planes 0 to 3.

Observation Space

The observation is a dictionary which contains an 'obs' element which is the usual RL observation described below, and an 'action_mask' which holds the legal moves, described in the Legal Actions Mask section.

The main observation space is 5x52 with the rows representing different planes and columns representing the 52 cards in a deck. The cards are ordered by suit (spades, hearts, diamonds, then clubs) and within each suit are ordered by rank (from Ace to King).

Row Index Description
0 Current player’s hand
1 Top card of the discard pile
2 Cards in discard pile (excluding the top card)
3 Opponent’s known cards
4 Unknown cards
Column Index Description
0 - 12 Spades
0: Ace, 1: 2, …, 12: King
13 - 25 Hearts
13: Ace, 14: 2, …, 25: King
26 - 38 Diamonds
26: Ace, 27: 2, …, 38: King
39 - 51 Clubs
39: Ace, 40: 2, …, 51: King

The legal moves available to the current agent are found in the action_mask element of the dictionary observation. The action_mask is a binary vector where each index of the vector represents whether the action is legal or not. The action_mask will be all zeros for any agent except the one whose turn it is. Taking an illegal move ends the game with a reward of -1 for the illegally moving agent and a reward of 0 for all other agents.

Action Space

There are 110 actions in Gin Rummy.

Action ID Action
0 Score Player 0
Used after knock, gin, or dead hand to compute the player’s hand.
1 Score Player 1
Used after knock, gin, or dead hand to compute the player’s hand.
2 Draw a card
3 Pick top card from Discard pile
4 Declare dead hand
5 Gin
6 - 57 Discard a card
6: A-Spades, 7: 2-Spades, …, 18: K-Spades
19: A-Hearts … 31: K-Hearts
32: A-Diamonds … 44: K-Diamonds
45: A-Clubs … 57: K-Clubs
58 - 109 Knock
58: A-Spades, 59: 2-Spades, …, 70: K-Spades
71: A-Hearts … 83: K-Hearts
84: A-Diamonds … 96: K-Diamonds
97: A-Clubs … 109: K-Clubs

For example, you would use action 2 to draw a card or action 3 to pick up a discarded card.


At the end of the game, a player who gins is awarded 1 point, a player who knocks is awarded 0.5 points, and the losing player receives a reward equal to the negative of their deadwood count.

If the hand is declared dead, both players get a reward equal to negative of their deadwood count.

End Action Winner Loser
Dead Hand
Both players are penalized
-deadwood_count / 100
Knocking player: Default +0.5
-deadwood_count / 100
Going Gin Player: Default +1
-deadwood_count / 100

Note that the defaults are slightly different from those in RLcard- their default reward for knocking is 0.2.

Penalties of deadwood_count / 100 ensure that the reward never goes below -1.

Version History

  • v4: Upgrade to RLCard 1.0.3 (1.11.0)
  • v3: Fixed bug in arbitrary calls to observe() (1.8.0)
  • v2: Bumped RLCard version, bug fixes, legal action mask in observation replaced illegal move list in infos (1.5.0)
  • v1: Bumped RLCard version, fixed observation space, adopted new agent iteration scheme where all agents are iterated over after they are done (1.4.0)
  • v0: Initial versions release (1.0.0)