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This environment is part of the sisl environments. Please read that page first for general information.

Name Value
Actions Discrete
Agents 8 (+/-)
Parallel API Yes
Manual Control Yes
Action Shape (5)
Action Values Discrete(5)
Observation Shape (7, 7, 3)
Observation Values [0, 30]
Import from pettingzoo.sisl import pursuit_v3
Agents agents= ['pursuer_0', 'pursuer_1', ..., 'pursuer_7']
Average Total Reward 30.3

Agent Environment Cycle

environment aec diagram


By default 30 blue evader agents and 8 red pursuer agents are placed in a 16 x 16 grid with an obstacle, shown in white, in the center. The evaders move randomly, and the pursuers are controlled. Every time the pursuers fully surround an evader each of the surrounding agents receives a reward of 5 and the evader is removed from the environment. Pursuers also receive a reward of 0.01 every time they touch an evader. The pursuers have a discrete action space of up, down, left, right and stay. Each pursuer observes a 7 x 7 grid centered around itself, depicted by the orange boxes surrounding the red pursuer agents. The environment runs for 500 frames by default. Note that this environment has already had the reward pruning optimization described in the Agent Environment Cycle Games paper applied.

Observation shape takes the full form of (obs_range, obs_range, 3) where the first channel is 1s where there is a wall, the second channel indicates the number of allies in each coordinate and the third channel indicates the number of opponents in each coordinate.

Manual Control

Select different pursuers with ‘J’ and ‘K’. The selected pursuer can be moved with the arrow keys.


pursuit.env(max_cycles=500, x_size=16, y_size=16, local_ratio=1.0, n_evaders=30, n_pursuers=8,
obs_range=7, n_catch=2, freeze_evaders=False, tag_reward=0.01, catch_reward=5.0,
urgency_reward=0.0, surround=True, constraint_window=1.0)

x_size, y_size: Size of environment world space

local_ratio: Proportion of reward allocated locally vs distributed among all agents

n_evaders: Number of evaders

n_pursuers: Number of pursuers

obs_range: Size of the box around the agent that the agent observes.

n_catch: Number pursuers required around an evader to be considered caught

freeze_evaders: Toggles if evaders can move or not

tag_reward: Reward for ‘tagging’, or being single evader.

term_pursuit: Reward added when a pursuer or pursuers catch an evader

urgency_reward: Reward to agent added in each step

surround: Toggles whether evader is removed when surrounded, or when n_catch pursuers are on top of evader

constraint_window: Size of box (from center, in proportional units) which agents can randomly spawn into the environment world. Default is 1.0, which means they can spawn anywhere on the map. A value of 0 means all agents spawn in the center.

max_cycles: After max_cycles steps all agents will return done