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This environment is part of the sisl environments. Please read that page first for general information.

Name Value
Actions Continuous
Agents 3
Parallel API True
Manual Control No
Action Shape (2,)
Action Values (-1, 1)
Observation Shape (212,)
Observation Values [-10,10]
Import from pettingzoo.sisl import waterworld_v1
Agents agents= ['pursuer_0', 'pursuer_1', ..., 'pursuer_4']
Average Total Reward -0.533

Agent Environment Cycle

environment aec diagram


By default there are 5 agents (purple), 5 food targets (green) and 10 poison targets (red). Each agent has 30 range-limited sensors, depicted by the black lines, to detect neighboring agents (food and poison targets) resulting in 212 long vector of computed values about the environment for the observation space. They have a continuous action space represented as a 2 element vector, which corresponds to left/right and up/down thrust. The agents each receive a reward of 10 when more than one agent captures food together (the food is not destroyed), a shaping reward of 0.01 for touching food, a reward of -1 for touching poison, and a -0.5×|action| reward when an agent collides into another. The environment runs for 500 frames by default. Observation shape takes the full form of ((4 + 3×speed_features)×n_sensors+2,).

This has been fixed from the reference environments to keep items floating off screen and being lost forever.


waterworld.env(n_pursuers=5, n_evaders=5, n_coop=2, n_poison=10, radius=0.015,
obstacle_radius=0.2, obstacle_loc=np.array([0.5, 0.5]), ev_speed=0.01,
poison_speed=0.01, n_sensors=30, sensor_range=0.2, action_scale=0.01,
poison_reward=-1., food_reward=10., encounter_reward=.01, control_penalty=-.5,
reward_mech=1.0, speed_features=True, max_frames=500)

n_pursuers: number of pursuing archea

n_evaders: number of evaders

n_coop: how many archea touching food at same time for food to be considered consumed

n_poison: number of poison objects

radius: pursuer archea radius

obstacle_radius: radius of obstacle object

obstacle_loc: coordinate of obstacle object

ev_speed: evading archea speed

poison_speed: speed of poison object

n_sensors: number of sensor dendrites on all archea

sensor_range: length of sensor dendrite on all archea

action_scale: scaling factor applied to all input actions

poison_reward: reward for pursuer consuming a poison object

food_reward: reward for pursuers consuming an evading archea

encounter_reward: reward for a pursuer colliding with another archea

control_penalty: reward added to pursuer in each step

local_ratio: Proportion of reward allocated locally vs distributed among all agents

speed_features: toggles whether archea sensors detect speed of other objects

max_frames: after max_frames steps all agents will return done